Antonio Banderas started to creep his wife out while he was playing an obsessed plastic surgeon in new Pedro Almodovar film The Skin I Live In - because he started to become his character.
Melanie Griffith only realised her husband's behaviour was related to the film after she saw the twisted new movie - and he had no idea.
Banderas explains, "We were at the Toronto Film Festival and she watched the movie for the first time and she loved it. She was very pensive the whole night. We went to some parties and when we went to the hotel she said, 'Now I understand certain behaviours you have had for the last three or four months... I can't say that you're a bad person or became a crazed surgeon who wants to cut somebody, but there is something you were carrying these months that I didn't know where it was coming from.'
"That scared the s**t out of me because I'm not conscious of those kinds of things. Working in that cathedral (where his character operates) became very oppressive. I found myself always whispering to the crew, so, week after week and month after month of touching the skin of these people, there is something that starts getting in you.
"Even though you think you are fine... it stays. I was kind of creepy."