Rumours surrounding Antonio Banderas and soon-to-be ex-wife Melanie Griffith's love life have run amuck in the weeks following the announcement of their separation. Sharon Stone and Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat have denied reports they are dating the Spanish actor. Whilst Griffiths has been hiding her 'Antonio' tattoo and has been spotted dining with Matt Dillon.

Melanie Griffiths and Antonio Banderas
The couple announced their split earlier this month.

Sherawat was spotted in Cannes two years ago dancing with Banderas and sources speaking to Radar claim the pair later went on holiday together. The actress has become embroiled in the couple of 18 years split and has been cited by one of the reasons why they separated. 

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Sherawat, speaking to E!, has denied reports that she is romantically attached to the Mask of Zorro actor. The actress said "Antonio Banderas is a wonderful man, a great dancer and an acquaintance of mine. I did not go on any vacation with him, and I'm sorry he's going through a divorce."

The 37-year-old actress also discussed the source of the rumours. Ivan Bittar, an L.A. based stylist, claimed the pair has "a lot of PDA" at Cannes. Whilst Bittar has been cited as Sherawat's 'BFF', the actress denies they have a close relationship. She said "Ivan Bitton is not my best friend," and the stylist appears to have an axe to grind after Sherwat fired him. She said "I hired him as a stylist at Cannes and then fired him. I'm sure he released the video. I don't know what he's even talking about now. I haven't been in touch with Ivan since I fired him. Whatever he's saying about me is ridiculous."

Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat has denied any involvement with Banderas.

Other reports in Page Six claim suggest Sharon Stone has been secretly involved with Banderas following his split. Stone has vehemently denied the rumours and stated the couple are like "family" to her. She said "Antonio is a brother to me and Melanie has been with me for each and every birth of my three children."

Whilst attention has primarily been on Banderas' alleged relationships, Griffiths too has been spotted out and about with Matt Dillon. The 56-year-old actress and Dillon dined in Rome together on Friday (20th June) as The NY Daily News reports. 

As for Griffith's infamous heart shaped 'Antonio' tattooTMZ reports she's been disguising it with make-up and plans to have it lasered off at some point in the near future.

Banderas and Griffiths have been married for over 18 years after they met on the set of Too Much in 1995. They married in May 1996, only a month after Banderas divorced his first wife Ana Leza. The former couple have one daughter together, Stella. They announced their separation at the beginning of June and are filing for divorce. 

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Sharon StoneSharon Stone has also responded to rumours surrounding her attachement to Banderas.