Antonio Banderas has started his fashion design course at London's Central St. Martins University.

The 55-year-old actor has shared how he is finding his second week at the prestigious establishment - where Alexander McQueen and Stella Mccartney attended - ''intense'' and ''serious'' but still ''fun''.

Alongside a photo of himself posing alongside a number of mannequins, he wrote on Twitter: ''The 2nd week of studies at Central St Martin begins. Intense, exciting, serious and fun all the same time..(sic)''

The 54-year-old actor decided to take up fashion classes back in April, after splitting up from his wife Melanie Griffith and he hopes his decision to move to England will bring him closer to his family and his 18-year-old daughter Stella Banderas.

He previously told Colombia's Caracol TV: ''I'd love to spend more time with my family. That is probably the biggest failure in my life.

''That's probably the heaviest burden I carry on my shoulders nowadays, the fact that I didn't spend much time with my family.''

The 'Shrek' star also wanted to try his hand at something that will give him the chance to ''understand another reality''.

He said previously: ''It's something that has been on my mind for a long time and probably one of the best schools in the world is here, St. Martins University, and so I am going to start studying with them.''

''It makes me feel actually very young to put the elbows on the table again and try to understand another reality and another thing.''