The Devil You Know is the group's latest venture in the liquor market after the success of last year's (14) Indians bourbon, and guitarist Scott Ian insists he and his bandmates are very proud of what they've distilled.

He says, "If we find something we really like and that we actually drink ourselves, we think maybe our fans might like it too, so we want to make it available for them. We really enjoyed Indians, the bourbon we produced last year, and obviously our fans did as well as it sold out really quickly."

They headed for Knob Creek and produced two barrels of a high-end bourbon, which is now part of the distillery's "small batch bourbon" collection.

Both barrels were aged for nine years and every bottle comes with a note card autographed by the band members.

Bassist Frank Bello adds, "We had a great time sampling the different bourbons to find the one we thought was the best and we hope our fans have the same good time drinking it."