PSYCHO star Anthony Perkins lived a secret gay life at the height of his movie career, according to 50s movie star Tab Hunter, who claims he once romanced the actor.

Perkins is one of the celebrity lovers Hunter names in his upcoming autobiography THE TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL - THE MAKING OF A MOVIE STAR.

Hunter's editor CHUCK ADAMS admits he spent years trying to persuade the DAMN YANKEES star, real name ARTHUR KELM, to come out of the closet, and was amazed with his revelations when he did.

Adams admits he was stunned by Hunter's claims he once dated Perkins in the late 1950s.

The editor says, "They were both young, extremely attractive and gay."

Hunter adds the couple went out of their way to hide their gay romance.

He recalls, "When Tony and I went to the movies , we always wore baseball caps, or would go at different times. I knew people were talking. I didn't like that."

11/06/2005 02:48