Anthony Mackie believes his 'Outside the Wire' character is more heroic than Sam Wilson/Falcon.

The 42-year-old actor stars in the sci-fi movie as android military officer Captain Leo and believes the character doesn't have a "grey area" compared to his Marvel Cinematic Universe alter-ego.

Anthony told Inverse: "Leo goes out and affects change. Sam, it comes to him, and then he reacts.

"The reality of it is, Sam has a grey area. You look at Sam Wilson, and there's not exactly right and not exactly wrong, but there's someplace in between, where everybody wins."

The Hollywood star hopes that the Netflix movie can lead to a franchise akin to 'Captain America'.

Anthony said: "The whole idea was for this to be a franchise. He's such a cool character, and it's such a fascinating world, especially with it being in the not-so-distant future. You can have many different spin-offs and ideas that come along with this with both lead characters.

"I equate Leo, my character, very much to the Winter Soldier in 'Captain America'. Every time there's a situation, they spin him back up to handle the crime or the situation. You have to inform him what he's missed, what's going on, and then you send him out to save the day."

He continued: "It can go into the far, far future, or it can literally take place at any point along the timeline. There have been so many incarnations of Leo. You can go back to his backstory and show the very first one, who he was and how he was created to be a supersoldier of sorts."