Rocker Anthony Kiedis has constantly been the envy of his pals - because he once shared a bed with Cher when he was just a teenager.

The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS star got to know the BELIEVE singer during his school years, because his father's ex-girlfriend went out with Cher's former partner Sonny Bono.

He explains, "I was 13 or 14 and Sonny and my father's girlfriend CONNIE went out for the night.

"Cher was staying home and they asked her if she would watch me for the night. She said, 'Yeah, he can stay in bed and you guys get home at three in the morning, come pick him up and take him away.'

"So I was laying there in the bed, I was like, 'This is very wonderful 'cause I like this woman and she's beautiful and she's older and I'm young,' and I'm just starting to have these feelings.

"She goes into the bathroom to change and the door kind of goes open. I'm going, 'Okay, I can see her now. She's undressing.' She undressed and I was just there being very elated by the experience. She put on her nightie and she came to bed and we had a little chat."

11/10/2004 09:40