When 22.06.2013

Anthony Hopkins and Bruce Willis are interviewed about their new comedy action film 'Red 2' in which they talk about their excitement about working with each other and their enjoyment in going to work every day.

'I'd seen the first 'Red' and I've been also a fan of Bruce for many years', says Anthony on why he accepted the role. 'I don't get offered much in this genre so this is a wonderful bonus for me.' Bruce was like-minded, revealing, 'We were all very excited when we heard Tony was gonna be in the film and that I would have scenes with him was just cherries on top. and they were great scenes and we got the opportunity to fool around with it a little bit.' Anthony hardly wanted to stop working, telling the interviewer, 'If I had a late call or a day off, I'd go, 'Ohh, I want to go to work. I don't wanna be here!' walking around the hotel.'


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