HBO has released its first teaser trailer for its upcoming series, Westworld. The trailer was aired before the season two finale of True Detective on Monday (10th July). In typical HBO fashion, the series promises to be action packed, visually impressive and featuring a hugely talented cast.

Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins at the L.A. premiere of Thor: Dark World in November 2013.

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The series is based on the 1973 film of the same name, an adaptation of the novel by Jurassic Park writer Michael Crichton. Crichton also directed the film which is set in a futuristic amusement park where robots re-enact different historical time periods, including the American Old ‘Wild’ West. The robots begin to malfunction leading to deadly consequences for the guests visiting the park. 

The 30-second long trailer sees a young woman strapped to a chair in a clinical room. The woman, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), is asked a series of questions by a male voice before snippets from the upcoming series cut in. With scenes including dead bodies and blood, we can expect plenty of violence from the upcoming series.

In addition to Wood, the cast of the Westworld includes such stars as Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and Ben Barnes.

The series has been created by Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy. Nolan, the brother of director Christopher Nolan, is best known for writing the screenplays of the last two Batman films: The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

Nolan will also be producing alongside Star Wars director J.J. Abrams, Behind the Candelabra producer Jerry Weintraub and Star Trek producer Bryan Burk. 

Westworld premieres in 2016.

Watch The Teaser Trailer For Westworld