Review of Everybody Single by Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton
Sony Bmg
Uk Release Date - Out Now

Anthony Hamilton Everybody Single

Every now and again, a record comes along that changes the entire face of the music world. Anthony Hamilton, the undisputed king of neo soul comes with a track that is far removed from his normal material. Rejuvenating the sadly near extinct reggae scene in one foul swoop after it was nearly buried by ragga. "Everybody" is the kind of hands n the air; sing a long, ultimate feel good and inspirational track that will put a smile on your face. Whether people are into reggae or not, they will definitely get into this track. "Everybody" when you hear it played, you see a smile on everybody's face. At his recent concert, he finished off with it to a standing ovation from the more than appreciated crowd. Without question, the summer hit of 2006, the nearest thing you can get to sunshine and happiness in a bottle. This will probably give Mr Hamilton his first monster international hit.


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