Review of Ain't Nobody Worryin Album by Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton
t Nobody Worryin
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Anthony Hamilton Ain't Nobody Worryin Album

Anthony Hamilton made a name for himself with his debut album and his second delivery is of equal quality. 'Ain't Nobody Worryin'' shows soul music at it's best and rather than all the slick, pimp production we've become used to from America, Hamilton opts for the classic traditional feel and yet still manages to sound contemporary. There's no denying Hamilton has one of the best soul voices in the world right now. He delivers perfectly controlled honest expression that is based on love, sensitivity, gospel awareness and a truthful rawness that will appeal to many. His lyrics show a maturity and smoothness that are sent to inspire heartfelt emotion, conscience thought and sophistication.

Sophistication is probably the best word to describe this album. You hear a modern r'n'b influence but there's vintage extravagance here that will keep the listener replaying this album for a long time. The music is well arranged with a lot of layers so you'll keep on hearing new things with every listen. Tracks like 'Can't Let Go' show harmonies and soul at it's best and should be a winner in the charts. In fact there's some really good tracks on this album that you'd have to put Anthony Hamilton up at the top of his game right now. If you want soul music at it's best then get this album.

Tareck Ghoneim

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