Former E.R. star Anthony Edwards is very passionate about promoting his new movie MOTHERHOOD because a dollar from every ticket sold via website in the film's first two weeks will go to a leading cancer charity.
The actor's sister is a breast cancer survivor and he's happy to be doing his bit for the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure fund.
He says, "It's fantastic. Obviously breast cancer affects a lot of women in America. I have a sister who's a survivor. People uniting together and raising money and awareness this way is hugely important and it seems right on with Motherhood.
"It's not a gimmick. It's a real thing and we can celebrate motherhood and the challenges that go right along with it so I think Fandango stepping up and Susan Komen being the benefactor is fantastic."
It's not the only fundraising Edwards will be doing this autumn (09) - he's also running the New York Marathon on 1 November (09) for an organisation called Shoe For Africa.
He explains, "The big project in my life right now is raising money to build the first public children's hospital in Kenya through an organisation called Shoe For Africa.
"We use running as a medium to bring women together and empower women in Africa to run for health initiatives and AIDS education.
"I'm running on November 1st with 30 people to raise awareness and funds."