Anthony Anderson plans to wear a ''tuxedo robe'' during the Primetime Emmy Awards.

The glitzy ceremony is becoming a digital event this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Anthony is still planning to wear a special outfit for the occasion - even though he won't be leaving his own home.

The 50-year-old actor joked: ''I think I'm getting a tuxedo robe made!

''It's going to be very comfortable. It's going to be a tuxedo robe; I'm not going to have a full suit.''

Anthony has been nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series accolade for his role in 'black-ish'.

And regardless of whether he wins or not, Anthony is still proud to have been recognised with a nomination.

He told E! News: ''To be recognised by your peers, to be celebrated and nominated with your peers and co-workers, is a beautiful feeling.''

'black-ish' - which premiered in 2014 - follows an upper middle class African-American family.

Anthony is proud of the series and feels it performs a ''very important'' role.

He previously said: ''You look at the landscape of television before we started our show - one of the reasons we started this show is because we looked at it and saw things that were missing for us as viewers.

''At that particular time six or seven years ago, there wasn't a show on the air that depicted an aspirational, black family full of love. That its lead character was unapologetically black, and trying to hold on to that with his family and its core values.

''That's why it's important. The medium of television and film, it shapes and moulds the minds of people.

''We want it to be in the zeitgeist as a show that not only helped shape and mould minds, but give an understanding and a clearer picture of a particular group within a group.''