Actor Anthony Anderson had mixed emotions as he prepared for Friday night's (13Feb15) NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in New York, because he feared he would look out of shape and old on the court next to Kevin Hart and Common.

The Kangaroo Jack star played in the first All-Star Celebrity Game back in 2003, but insists his sports skills and his energy isn't what it used to be.

Speaking before his court comeback at Madison Square Garden, he told Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I don't even know that I still can. I'm not making excuses but I haven't played competitive basketball... in years.

"I'm 44 years old (and) I'm going to step carefully and gingerly. I may not even run up and down the court."

Anderson's biggest fear is that his worst moments will be analysed on social media.

He adds, "Now with Twitter and Snapchat and all this other stuff, everybody is going to know instantly what's going on on the court and who got what done to them."

But the actor needn't have worried - he was part of Kevin Hart's winning team, alongside Ansel Elgort; Common, Arcade Fire singer Win Butler and Chadwick Boseman.