Actor Anthony Anderson is offering 100,000 fans the chance to feature in an upcoming movie by simply following him on Twitter.Com.
The Hustle & Flow star recently signed up to the social networking website and has offered devotees a unique incentive to boost his profile online, after accepting a challenge with a pal to see who could land the most followers.
Anderson promised to select one lucky winner to receive an iPad 2 after hitting 20,000 followers, and he's agreed to incorporate all the names of the first 100,000 fans into a planned film project he's working on.
And that's not all - the actor has vowed to give away a car when he reaches the one million milestone.
He says, "Everybody please follow me on Twitter... When I reach 100,000 followers, we're incorporating all 100,000 people into this film that we're producing at the end of the year. We have no idea (how). Names, cameos, characters, names of cities and streets, we will incorporate all 100,000 people.
"And when we get to half a million followers @AndersonAnthony, we're giving away a car."