KANGAROO JACK star Anthony Anderson's troubles are starting to pile up - he's facing a sexual assault lawsuit only months after being charged with rape.

The chubby actor was still reeling from the cancellation of his sitcom ALL ABOUT THE ANDERSONS in July (04) when an extra on the set of his movie HUSTLE + FLOW hit him with rape charges.

And now Anderson and WARNER BROS TELEVISION bosses have been named in a $900,000 (GBP500,000) suit by a woman who claims Anderson made suggestive comments, grabbed her genitalia and sexually assaulted her in his dressing room on the All About The Andersons set.

A spokesman for the star, who celebrates his 10th wedding anniversary next year (05), is confident the actor will be "completely exonerated" when "all the facts come out".

16/09/2004 21:35