The first I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here eviction has been announced, and it's Tory MP Nadine Dorries who has been given her marching orders first, The Sun Reports.

Talking to Ant and Dec after the result was announced, she said: "I'm not disappointed. When you've been starving for two weeks you can't be that disappointed. "I kind of expected it anyway. I don't think the public understand how hardcore it is down there. The effect on your body when you've had two teaspoons of rice a day, it's hard, hard, hard," she explained. "I don't know what people have seen but I've had so many good conversations in there. We MPs and anyone in public life need to go where people are." A controversial figure in the group, Dorries ate camel toe and ostrich anus during her time in the camp, had said she wanted to change people's perceptions of politicians and claims to have 'found herself'. Those, however, weren't the controversial things, as that kind of behaviour is normal on I'm A Celeb, in fact it's mandatory!

Trying to change the way the public view MP's, Nadine seems to have caused quite a stir in her constituency, choosing to fly out to Australia without telling her party superiors.