The market for ‘90s TV nostalgia is set to grow even larger, with reports that Ant & Dec are thinking of reuniting with Cat Deeley to bring back Saturday morning favourite ‘SM:TV Live’ for a one-off special to mark the show’s 20th anniversary.

The Geordie-born presenters teamed up with Deeley to present the ITV Saturday morning mainstay from its debut in 1998 to 2001. They are currently working with presenter Stephen Mulhern – who himself hosted ‘SM:TV Live’ briefly in 2003 before it went off the air – on their own show ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’, and in a new interview with Metro they admitted a special comeback was a possibility.

Ant and DecAnt & Dec are floating the idea of a one-off comeback for 'SM:TV Live'

“We were talking to somebody about this recently because it’s twenty years since the launch of SM:tv next year,” Ant revealed. “So, we were saying whether we could do an anniversary special or something, and we got carried away with the idea.

He continued: “If we did it a one off, it would be on at 9.25am, with C.H.U.M.S and all that, and get Cat back! We're floating it about a few people at the moment, and were getting some positive responses so far.”

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For three years at the end of nineties, kids flocked to TV screens to watch Ant, Dec and Deeley participate in a number of highly enjoyable skits, which included ‘Friends’ parody C.H.U.M.S, rhyming game Wonkey Donkey and the quiz Challenge Ant.

Cat DeeleyCat Deeley was the longest-serving host of 'SM:TV Live'

However, ‘SM:TV Live’ and its associated chart music show ‘CD:UK’ eventually went into decline when Ant & Dec and then Deeley left in 2001 and 2002 respectively. ‘SM:TV Live’ had a merry-go-round of presenters before being cancelled in 2003, though ‘CD:UK’ managed to survive another three years.

Before any of that, Ant & Dec will be working with their long-time associate Mulhern on ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’, which returns for its 14th series on Saturday 25th February.

“Stephen is back with Ant VS Dec,” Ant said, “and this time he goes back in time, it’s through the ages so every week it will be from a different era.” Dec then added: “It’s in Stephen’s hands so we’re slightly nervous.”

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