There’s something truly fascinating about Ant and Dec. It’s not that they’ve been a comedy-entertainment partnership for 25 years; it’s not even that they used to write really, really bad songs, or that they still remain popular after all these years.

No: what’s fascinating is that they kept their respective (let’s face it, they’re one person) reputations squeaky clean. They haven’t indulged in any celebrity sex tapes – they haven’t needed to – and neither have they been embroiled in a drugs scandal, as so many in the public eye are, by virtue of the fact they are indeed, in the public eye. "Years ago, yeah," Ant told The Guardian journalist who asked them if they’d ever tried drugs, "but we're not really druggy people, that's the thing. I think you either go into that crowd as a kid or you don't, and we didn't. We found the love of alcohol very early on and we stayed with it." Dec: "There's a real pub culture where we're from in Newcastle, so we're just more boozy people."

Ant and Dec - 'Britain's Got Talent' Flash Mob in Trafalgar Square London

Ant And Dec - always Ant THEN Dec

Ant and Dec – always in that order – have been an ITV staple for years. They’ve hosted nearly every family show on the channel, from Britain's Got Talent to their very own Saturday Night Takeaway – a variety entertainment show. “I think almost everything that we do is built on our friendship, not on our career – so we have a career that's built on a friendship, not a friendship built on a career," explained Dec.