One of the biggest television events of the year is the upcoming premiere of Marvel's television series, 'Inhumans'. First premiering in IMAX cinemas around the globe, the show will then go on to air weekly on ABC from late September, bringing some of Marvel Comics' less recognisable characters to live action for the first time.

Anson Mount will play Black Bolt in 'Inhumans'Anson Mount will play Black Bolt in 'Inhumans'

Some of those characters include Medusa (Serinda Swan), Maximus (Iwan Rheon), Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) and Black Bolt (Anson Mount); all members of a 'royal family' which has captured the hearts and imagination of comic book readers for some time.

Upon the series' announcement, it was revealed that those behind the show had been working closely with Marvel Studios, so that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be enhanced by the series. Those who are fans of 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' will have also seen the show built up in a variety of different ways, with characters and storylines hinted at throughout the series.

A character that a lot of people are excited to see translate on screen is Black Bolt. With the hero being mute, it's going to be a challenge for actor Anson Mount to bring him to life, but it's something that he relishes.

The actor sees the chance of playing a mute superhero as a The actor sees the chance of playing a mute superhero as a "challenge"

Asked by Screen Rant on a set visit about how his decision to play Black Bolt was made, the actor replied: "Well, that was really my primary interest in the role; was the challenge of playing a leading role not only unable to speak, but I can’t use American sign language because he’s not from here. [Marvel TV boss] Jeph Loeb knew me well enough to know what would be my interest, so he came in on that leg. You know, “We’ll help you find a linguist. We’ll help you anyway.” But he knew what was going to give me juice to get in that role. So yeah, I think I am lucky that I had already met Jeph. I knew Jeph. Jeph knew my work. We have a lot of mutual business acquaintances in common. And it’s the kind of role that you can’t; the role would have been under-serviced if they had held auditions. How do you audition this role? You know, I’m just fortunate enough that he and [creator] Scott [Buck] trusted me enough to say let’s just have a conversation because it’s certainly a role I probably would have gone after anyways, but yeah...".

Impressing with his roles in the past, and especially in the leading role as Cullen Bohannon in 'Hell on Wheels', Mount could be the perfect actor to really allow Black Bolt to shine. Admittedly, he'll have to work harder than ever before to allow the superhero to shine on the small screen, using his physicality to communicate rather than his words, but it's something he looks to be enjoying if these comments are anything to go by.

There's always the chance that Bolt's mute status is something that could hinder the show, but hopefully, with all of the work that's gone into 'Inhumans', it should be something that instead brings yet another unique layer to the show, allowing the series to stand out amongst the crowd and do something that's rarely been done in the past.

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'Inhumans' premieres in IMAX on September 1, heading to ABC in the US on September 29.