Ansel Elgort lives in ''two different worlds''.

The 21-year-old actor has revealed that there's a marked distinction between the person people see in front of the camera and his everyday self.

He said: ''Everyone makes fun of me because I'll go places with only a change of clothes and my computer.

''I even forgot to pack for the Oscars, and my friends thought that was so absurd. I put what I wanted to wear on my bed and didn't remember to place it in my suitcase.

''I was in L.A. for four days, and every day leading up to the ceremony I wore the same thing, and I smelled so bad.

''One day we went hiking in the mountains, and I got so dirty.

''The day of the Oscars, I go from looking like a slob to wearing a gorgeous Prada suit. It's like living in two different worlds. But I don't care. I was fine! I would just go down to the hotel pool in my underwear.''

What's more, the actor admitted he has a number of different personas in his life.

Asked the greatest day of his life so far, he told Teen Vogue magazine: ''You know, it might be a weird actor thing, but I think of myself as a few different people. Like, I think of myself as Ansel - that's one person. And then I'm Ansel Elgort. That's another person. And then I'm Ansolo.

''So for Ansel, the best day of my life has been on the beach on Long Island with my family, totally chilling without a worry in the world.

''For Ansel Elgort, presenting at the Oscars was pretty sick.

''For Ansolo, I was so excited when Steve Angello, my favourite DJ, played my song 'Totem' for the first time. I started crying. Then when I heard he was going to sign it to his label, I was freaking out.''