It was foot-in-mouth time for a Los Angeles radio station this week after it invited legendary pop singer Annie Lennox to send in her latest single for consideration as part of a talent scouting exercise.

Yes – despite eight BRIT Awards, four Grammys, an Oscar and a Golden Globe on top of spending the best part of four decades scoring hit singles with Eurythmics and as a solo artist, it seems that there’s people in the music business that haven’t heard of Lennox.

Annie LennoxAnnie Lennox is apparently an undiscovered talent, according to 'Kylie'

The 62 year old singer shared a picture of the e-mail via Facebook that showed an approach by someone called ‘Kylie’, who is a “New Music Co-ordinator” for an unnamed L.A. radio station. Sarcastically, Lennox wrote “I think I’m in with a chance??!!!” as a caption on Thursday (June 29th).

With the name of her employer blacked out, Kylie claims she “came across Lennox’s music online” and added “I really like what I heard”. She goes on to explain that she looks for “artists who I think have potential and get them in rotation on our station” and says she’ll forward her music to some guy called Glenn.

The amusing e-mail soon generated thousands of comments lamenting the possibility that there might be someone in the talent scouting business who hasn’t heard of Annie Lennox, but others thought there might be something more cold going on.

Most struggling musicians who are trying to draw attention to their music online get messages like this that, more often than not, turn out to be cold e-mails or phishing expeditions, aimed at scamming unsigned musicians.

This one might have just got through by mistake through some automated filter or other, as The Wrap speculated soon after this particular image went viral.

Either way, it would be pretty amazing if Lennox sent in 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)'...

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