Police have confirmed that they've found the body of Annie Lennox's daughter Tali's boyfriend Ian Jones.

Tali Lennox and Ian were involved in a kayaking accident on the weekend and while the 22-year-old beauty was rescued shortly after their boat capsized, a body belonging to her 32-year-old boyfriend has now been found following a search of the Hudson River.

Ian's mother Sherron Jones also confirmed to People magazine that it is her son that the police found.

The Dutchess County Sheriff Department's Captain John Watterson said in a statement that the results of the autopsy ''revealed no injuries or trauma to Mr. Jones' body, and the findings are consistent with drowning''.

He added: ''There were no signs of criminal conduct or foul play found, and toxicology tests were performed; however the results of those tests won't be known for several weeks. The search for Mr. Jones has now officially ended, and at this time his death is considered to be an accidental drowning with no criminal charges expected.''

Although police officers do not yet know whether Jones had alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of the accident, Tali is said to have appeared ''under the influence'' when interviewed by investigators shortly afterwards and the role of alcohol in the capsizing is ''still under investigation''.

Ian's mother Sherron claims that although her son - who was just days away from completing three years probation for previously threatening to kill flight attendants on board a flight - had been involved in alcohol-related incidents in the past, he had been sober for four years before his tragic death.

Sherron is to cremate her son's ashes and take them back to her home in Pennsylvania, where a memorial service is to take place at their church on Saturday (15.08.15).