Annie Lennox was left far from impressed when she returned to her old studio in London to record guest vocals on singer/songwriter David Gray's new album DRAW THE LINE - because the new owner hadn't changed the carpets.
Gray bought the old Eurythmics studio and invited Lennox to join him there.
Lennox was initially thrilled because she hadn't been back since her days as Dave Stewart's musical partner in the synth-pop superduo - but she didn't like the fact that Gray hadn't refurbished the venue.
Gray says, "We just talked about the carpets... Basically, Dave Stewart had clad the entire building in Stewart tartan, this garish green, blue tartan that anyone with a sane mind couldn't look at for more than 10 minutes and I'd sort of grown accustomed to it. There's nothing wrong with it.
"I said, 'Why throw perfectly good carpet out?'"
Gray and Lennox recorded the song Full Steam Ahead in the studio and the Babylon singer admits, "She basically just blew me away.. It was brilliant."