Model/artist Tali Lennox, also known as Tali Lennox-Fruchtmann, was rescued from the water on Saturday (08Aug15) after a kayaking accident with her partner, Ian Jones, who went missing after the couple's craft capsized.

A search was launched in a bid to find him, but it was called off after a body matching the description of Jones was discovered close to the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club.

The body has yet to be officially identified, but Lennox has since poured her grief out in an emotional message posted on along with a picture of herself posing with Jones.

She writes, "My heart is shattered. My best friend, my soul mate, my partner in crime & creativity, the love & light of my life is no longer with me. All the love that has been sent to me is giving me the strength to get through this. I know that he is so so happy that I was safely rescued. Let us honour & celebrate this beautiful soul & keep following the light."