Longtime Rolling Stone writer Steve Baltin fronts the programme, which premiered on Thursday (15Oct15) on Internet streaming service Hulu.

Lennox and Farrell, along with Sex Pistols' star John Lydon and the Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne, are the first four guests on Riffing With, and Baltin hopes fans will take a liking to the more easy-going nature of the show.

"Riffing With is just hanging out and talking with great artists," Baltin tells Billboard.com. "Sitting with people like Perry, Serj (Tankian) and Travis (Barker) in their homes, chilling with artists where they are most comfortable, you find out the most amazing things, like that Perry Farrell bartended for his siblings' parties when he was five years old or that Wayne Coyne played quarterback on a football team. I've interviewed these artists for years and never knew that about them."

Baltin also interviews Brian Wilson, Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger in future episodes.