Interview With A Vampire author Anne Rice has her sights set on actor Matt Bomer taking the lead role in a proposed movie adaption of her new book The Wolf Gift.
The beloved writer scored box office success in 1994 when her novel Interview With a Vampire became a big blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and a young Kirsten Dunst.
Now she's hoping to recreate movie magic with plans for a new big screen project based on her latest supernatural work, The Wolf Gift - and Rice wants White Collar's Bomer to play main character Reuben, a reporter by day and werewolf by night.
During an interview on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Wednesday (15Feb12), she said, "I see Matt Bomer (leading the cast). I think he's a charming, wonderful actor. I think he's so good in White Collar, so funny, and so fresh and so wonderfully handsome, and at the same time so unassuming and charming. I would love to see him play Reuben."
And Rice would love Bomer's TV co-star, character actor Tim DeKay, to sign up for a supporting role: "I would love to see Tim DeKay play his brother Jim, the same person who plays his boss on White Collar."