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17th October 2012

Quote: "I'm staring at a beautiful ring from James. We don't like to celebrate our birthdays, but we like to celebrate other events in our life. So when my show was picked up by NBC, he bought me this citrine ring." Actor James Tupper gave his partner Anne Heche a special gift after her new U.S. TV series Save Me was picked up for production.

12th September 2012

Fact: Actress Anne Heche has launched her own powder sunblock line for kids, named Tickle Time.

28th August 2010

Quote: "I think he's starting to get the (acting) bug but I think it's so he can pick up girls. I think the girls are starting to pick up on that his mum is an actress and so they say, 'That's kind of cool!' And so he thinks, 'Wow! What if I'm an actor?!' It starts young." Anne Heche's eight-year-old son Homer is keen to follow in his famous mum's footsteps.

20th August 2010

Quote: "I will never regret standing up for love. I'll never ever regret my relationship with Ellen." Actress Anne Heche insists she'll never dismiss her one-time lesbian romance with comedienne and TV personality Ellen DeGeneres.

27th July 2010

Quote: "Homer can now play like 15 songs, it's extraordinary!" Actress Anne Heche is full of praise for her musically-inclined eight-year-old son, who's already showing promise as a pianist.

1st September 2009

Quote: "The title is unfortunate. My boyfriend hates it. (He's) like, 'Oh my God, why? Why do you have to work on HUNG?'" Anne Heche admits her real-life beau, actor James Tupper, isn't a fan of her newest TV role - as the ex-wife of a male prostitute.

5th August 2009

Quote: "It wasn't easy for him to know I was going to the set to have sex with Ashton all day." Anne Heche admits actor boyfriend James Tupper struggled with her sex scenes opposite Ashton Kutcher in new movie SPREAD.

3rd August 2009

Quote: "He can't be a wimp, not with that name. He can't wear glasses... He's gotta be tough." Actress Anne Heche on naming her baby son ATLAS.

10th April 2008

Quote: "I had an open mind. Then I made decisions... I can change my mind." Anne Heche discusses her lesbian past with talk show host Craig Ferguson.

9th March 2008

Fact: Actress Anne Heche's ex-husband is selling homes to businessmen and celebrities after scooping a real estate license in Los Angeles. COLEY LAFFOON has reportedly been hired by Beverly Hills realtors Hilton + Hyland.

6th March 2008

Quote: "He sent me flowers tonight; he's in London doing a Richard Linklater film... Fantastic. And he's eight hours ahead and I don't know how he's thinking about that; he's on the Isle Of Man." Actress Anne Heche was delighted to receive flowers from boyfriend James Tupper before her appearance on late night chat show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE on Wednesday (06Mar08).

15th October 2007

Fact: Anne Heche has never visited Alaska, where her hit U.S. TV show MEN IN TREES is based. The programme is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

11th October 2007

Fact: Britney Spears and actress Anne Heche have a common link as they both battle for custody of their kids - they have the same child custody evaluator, Dr Jane Shatz.

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