Actress Anne Heche has rejected her boyfriend James Tupper's annual marriage proposal for the past eight years.

The 45 year old has been dating her former Men In Trees co-star since 2007 and she reveals Tupper has been trying to make her his wife ever since.

The actor has also recruited their son Atlas to help with the proposals, but she keeps turning them down.

Heche admits she looks forward to the romantic gesture every year, because she is always allowed to keep the rings, even though she always says no.

Asked if she'll ever accept, Heche jokes to U.S. talk show host Seth Meyers, "Hell no, I now have eight rings..."

The star goes on to suggest her divorce from ex-husband Coley Laffoon soured her on the idea of marriage, insisting her constant rejections are "not really" absurd, quipping, "Not if you've been married before!"

Heche's divorce from Laffoon was finalised in 2009 after eight years of marriage. The ex-couple shares a son named Homer, who turned 13 on Monday (02Mar15).

Heche was also involved in a lengthy romance with lesbian comedienne and Tv personality Ellen DeGeneres.