Actress Anne Hathaway's New Year's resolution is paying off - the Brokeback Mountain star is slowly becoming a better cook.
The star promised herself cookery lessons in 2010 and she's already noticing a big difference in her catering skills.
She tells WENN, "I am still new to it. One in five things is very good and everything else is a nice effort. I am working on the basics right now and trying to find my go-to chilli recipe. The other day I roasted a chicken that I have got to say was awesome. But I used a lot of butter and it's not hard to make chicken taste good when you use a lot of butter.
"I am not a very imaginative cook; I follow recipes, but I really do enjoy it. That and baking. I used to be a vegetarian but obviously I am not a very committed vegetarian when you roast chicken. My favourite recipe is the Waverley Inn's Chicken Pot Pie. That is a restaurant in the West Village of New York where they make a Chicken Pot Pie that is the most delicious comfort food ever!
"I found the recipe and I have made it a few times and it is really fun. I like time consuming cooking projects when I spend all Sunday in the kitchen making a big meal. I like Sunday and I invite people over for brunch and then it turns into dinner."
And Hathaway insists that what she lacks in the kitchen she more than makes up for when dining out in exotic places.
She adds, "I have eaten fried crickets. It was fine. They were very greasy and dense. They were crunchy but I didn't think they were nice. But I was happy that I had done it.
"I'll try stuff but I am not that adventurous - the one thing that I absolutely cannot eat is tripe! I cannot eat any type of intestine. A friend recently came back from Bhutan and they showed me pictures of something they ate and it was the grilled guts of some animal and it was not appealing. I get a little nauseous thinking about it."