Anne Hathaway purposefully made her accent change throughout 'One Day'.

The 28-year-old actress - who portrays Emma Morley in the new movie - explained she wanted her dialect to alter over the course of the film to portray the fact that her Alter Ego had moved from Yorkshire, in the north of England, to London in the south.

She said: "The movie is different than the book, but I tried to get as much of Emma from the book into the movie-just little things here and there. One of the things was the accent.

"I wanted to make sure that the accent changed over the course of the movie, and that it wasn't just a standard Yorkshire - I don't know if that even exists-or a standard London accent. I wanted to make sure that the accent grew with her.

"How it was affected by her education, by where she was working, who she was hanging out with. So having the book as my guide to answer a lot of those questions was enormously helpful."

However, Anne admitted she is "terrified" of not living up to director Lone Scherfig's expectations.

She added: "I'm terrified about right now is not living up to his expectations, which is actually a kind of uniform thing. Not living up to the expectations of the director is pretty terrifying. Being exposed as a fraud-that's pretty terrifying."