Actress Anne Hathaway will be spending her first Valentine's Day (14Feb13) as a married woman hosting a dance party to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The Les Miserables star, who wed Adam Shulman in October (12), will spend the most romantic day of the year dancing in her lounge as part of a One Billion Rising initiative.

She explains, "We both are part of this movement called One Billion Rising and it's a movement that looks to end violence against women by dancing. It was started by Eve Ensler, who is the author of The Vagina Monologues, and she heard this World Health Organization statistic, which was that in the world, one in three women in her lifetime will either be abused or raped. And Eve said, 'Wait a second, there's seven billion people in the world, so that means that over one billion women in the planet are... going to be victimised.'

"Eve said, 'Enough's enough, not anymore, not on my watch,' and she's launched this amazing movement and she basically said, 'Let's all dance to create change.'

"Now over 203 counties have signed up to (do) it... The U.N. (United Nations) is gonna stand up and leave the building and go outside and dance. There's 1,000 (registered) dance parties across America. Twenty-five million women in Bangladesh are forming a human chain... If you're interested and want to be involved... you can find a dance party or have your own."

Hathaway admits she'd be pushed to make her first Valentine's Day as a married woman really romantic - because she's sick, so the idea of dancing with her husband in the comfort of her own home is something special.

Actress Thandie Newton has also been campaigning for the initiative, joining a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Thursday (14Feb13), while Annie Lennox, Rosario Dawson, Kerry Washington and Jane Fonda have also voiced their support for the cause.