Anne Hathaway accepts she has to get naked as an actress.

The 28-year-old screen beauty - who flashes her flesh in a number of scenes in her new film 'Love & Other Drugs' alongside Jake Gyllenhaal - is happy to take her clothes off for the cameras if the role requires nudity and she relies on her co-stars to help her overcome any pre-scene nerves.

She told BANG Showbiz: "Doing nudity is really a part of being an actor and you know at some point it might happen. But everyone wants to be respectful of each other and everyone wants each other to feel as comfortable as possible so I think those days have a focus.

"In this film ('Love & Other Drugs') we really approached it from a very prepared place. We discussed what we wanted to do beforehand and what we were comfortable with, we traded references from other films to establish an index of communicational references that we share. So by the time we came to do the scenes we were very well prepared."

Although she is happy to bare all on film, Anne she needed to work closely with Jake on the lovemaking sequences.

She said: "Some of the intimate scenes required even more trust and were even more difficult to get to and work through - to get yourself into that place and sustain it for a long period of time to be able to return back to those emotions again and again and again. Physical challenges are one thing but to actually leave yourself open and to mean it I find quite difficult some days."