Another episode of True Blood, another ten or so shockers – as the show circles the drain, the writers are throwing shocker after shocker at us. So who killed whom in this episode? Read on to find out (or get majorly spoiled, if that's your thing.)

Alexander Skarsgard
Eric is back to his creepy old self. Oh joy.

Well, first of all, let’s talk about Eric for a moment, because who doesn’t love a bit of Eric? He and Pam finally arrived at Sarah Newman’s house after she had been seeing visions of Jason Stackhouse as the Grim Reaper (yes, this plot requires some major dedication). But instead of killing Sarah, a sick, sick Eric fed from her instead, curing his Hep V almost instantly. Yay Eric… maybe. He’s still a Level 100 creep, tbh.

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In another big moment of closure, Tara finally got to move on, after some flashbacks, reminiscing, digging up the Thornton back yard and so on. Just your typical Sunday night in Bon Temps. Lafayette and Letty Mae took one last hit of V to travel back into the past and see one of the most traumatic moments of Tara’s childhood. It turned out that Tara had had the opportunity to shoot her abusive father – and possibly prevent Letty Mae’s years of self-destruction – but being a good kid, Tara chose to bury the gun in the family yard instead. Her father abandoned them soon after. After the obligatory heart-to-heart, Tara told her mother to keep living and then faded away. Some tears may have been shed.

No one’s shedding any tears for Violet though. The vamp put on her best “scorned woman” act and lured Jason to her house. There he found a tied up Jessica, plus bonus Adilyn and Wade. Having tied up Jason alongside the rest of her prey, Violet decided it would be an appropriate time to do the extended evil monologue thing, which is how you know this couldn’t end well for her. So naturally, good ol’ Hoyt arrived, hair blowing in the wind  and shot Violet in the back.

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So, everyone was free and Hoyt was reintroduced to his former love. Jessica erased herself from Hoyt’s mind a while back, because plot, but maybe we’re seeing some sparks again? There probably isn’t enough time to restart the romance, but we appreciate the hint, as well as the good things happening to Bon Temps residents these days.

Anna Paquin
Not that we don't love the Bill/Sookie reunion, but... less of it, please.

Then we got some background on queen Sophie-Ann from the exposition, pardon, pillow talk, between Sookie and Bill. You probably started dozing off the minute you read their names so here’s the short version: Bill was originally ordered to seek out Sookie, because Queen Sophie-Ann wanted to breed her for her fairy blood. Also, it looks like Bill might be reluctant to take the cure (aka feed on Sarah, whom Sookie helpfully fetched) because he thinks his ladylove might be better off without him. More of this kind of  drama (probably) in the next, second to last episode.