True Blood has so far had a relatively shaky season six, and in the penultimate episode of the current season, we saw exactly why the show has been so hit and miss recently as if bordered on being quite brillant, but ended up being a bit of a let down in the long run as things either took a turn down a dead end or ended up petering out into something a tad ridiculous. Needless to say, this re-cap of Sunday 11 August's episode of True Blood, titled 'Life Matters,' contains spoilers.

Stephen Moyer Anna Paquin True Blood
Anna Paquin's Sookie and Stephen Moyer's Bill aren't as close on the show anymore, but they're still happily together in real life

In Bon Temps, friends and family have gathered to remember their fallen neighbour, Terry Bellefleur. Initially focusing on Arlene's arrival at the ceremony - and from the get go things weren't as she would have wanted, with a troupe of armed Marines standing at attention and the creepy Reverend Daniels on duty to perform to ceremony - the funeral attendees were a mix of those who truly knew him and what he died for and those who came just to keep up appearances. A feeble attempt at a eulogy from Portia seemed to underline what the enduring memory of Terry for many of the townsfolk following his passing, but a heartfelt remembrance from Lafayette was a much more fitting way to see him off. Mixed with flashbacks and heart-wrenching words in honour of the fry cook, the funeral could have been considered a little too pushy in the emotional stakes, if it wasn't pulled of so well.

Of course the show is still very much about Sookie and her many vampire boyfriends, and last night's episode didn't hold back on her, Bill, Eric or any of the other hunky vamps. A desperate Bill tried in vain to ferry Warlow away from the faerie plane, but Sookie was having none of it and she kept her promise to help bring him back to life with her own blood. Now essentially his faerie-wife, will Sookie live to regret her decision or will the two go on to live a happy, albeit boring compared to the rest of Bon Temps, life. We can see a twist in this tale coming, or at least we hope there's twist in this tale, before things get too dull.

Stephen Moyer, Anna Pacquin and Alexander Skarsgard
Stephen Moyer, Anna Pacquin and Alexander Skarsgard attend the premiere of True Blood season 6 in Hollywood

Meanwhile, Eric showed up at vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage after it turned out that Bill's premonition of a mass vampire extinction attempt was true all along. When he finally confronts the less than friendly therapist, it isn't Eric who is there to shed his blood, but a revenge-hungry Pam. After freeing his vampire brethren from Gen Pop, it looks as though he's done his good deed for the day, but what's going on with that little guy who refused to leave the place? Anyway, the main reason behind his trip was to give Dr. Overlark what was coming to him, and boy did he deliver; in the most squeamish was possible. Needless to say, Overlark was a despicable man, but ripping someone's junk off and letting them bleed out? Come on Eric!

And what about Bill? Well after his generous blood donation, he was left kind of dead by the end of the last episode, but it turns out he managed to survive after all, something that Lilith soon finds out about. Obviously Lilith wasn't going t let him go without a fight, and so the deadly allure of her sirens was put to the test, with limited success. Still, with so much help from Jessica being vital to his escape, something tells us that not everything is back to normal for him.

Elsewhere we saw Jason and Sarah face off, a showdown that ended in an anti-climatic fashion, but one that will probably be resolved in a much more exciting fashion in next week's finale. We Hope. And Alcide was at the funeral, providing a shoulder for Sookie to cry on. Nothing really happened, we're just a little shocked to see that he's still alive.

The season finale of True Blood will air on HBO at 9 p.m. on 18 August.

Robert Kazinsky
Robert Kazinsky also appears in the show