Anna Paquin wants to be a "California babe".

The 27-year-old actress - who dyed her hair blonde for the part of Sookie Stackhouse in US vampire series 'True Blood' - is keen to morph into a tanned beach goddess, and is prepared to lie about her credentials if necessary.

She said: "I love being on the West Coast for the show, I like being near the ocean and I want to learn to surf.

"I'm fully transforming into the California babe, but I still don't drive. I ride my bike. It's becoming less socially acceptable for me not to have a driver's licence. The drop-end cut-off is 30. If I'm not driving by then I have to start lying about it."

Anna, who recently announced her engagement to her co-star Stephen Moyer, has also opened up about her relationship.

She insists the reason many Hollywood romances fail is because the people can't find enough time to spend together.

Anna said: "What makes relationships so difficult with my job is all the travelling and being away from your significant other.

"My job's always been my life, but the older you get, the less you want it to be your whole life."