Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD's TV attacks on ex-lover Anna Nicole Smith became really serious last night (06FEB07) when he accused the busty blonde of drinking while pregnant. Birkhead, who is fighting to prove he's the biological father of Smith's baby daughter DANNIELYNN, shocked America while appearing on a recent Larry King LIVE when he revealed his ex miscarried their first child together. Smith has since denied she has ever been pregnant with the photographer's child - a claim that has upset Birkhead, prompting him to respond with allegations his former partner once drank at a party and then bounced on a trampoline - while pregnant. He told last night's ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT news show in America he was shocked when he found his pregnant girlfriend intoxicated. Birkhead recalled, "She says, 'It's not gonna hurt me, it's not gonna hurt the baby,' and then I looked down again, about an hour later and she's had so much alcohol that she's jumping up and down on a trampoline. "(She's) bouncing on her bottom and flying up in the air... Who does that when they're pregnant? And then a few days later, they said she had a miscarriage and (her attorney) HOWARD (K STERN) called me and said she fell off a ladder."