Anna Nicole Smith has been remembered five years after her death.

A number of publications have paid tribute to the former model who died in 2007 from an accidental overdose of prescription DRUGS at the age of 39, with writer Kim LaCapria praising the fact Anna - who married marry oil baron J. Howard Marshall and had a self-titled reality TV show - wasn't worried about being the centre of attention.

She wrote: "Anna Nicole was a lot of things in her life - model, pin-up, playmate and good-humored reality show star among them. While her antics on the show that bore her name later in her life were often mocked, the starlet managed a comeback and also to endear many fans years after she'd become famous more for her soap opera life story than her modeling work.

"But in a world of understated glamour, Anna Nicole Smith wasn't afraid to be the blondest blonde, wear the reddest lipstick, or let her boldly Southern style show through - and she became massively popular in her modern heyday because of it."

Anna - who left behind five-year-old daughter Dannielynn - would have been 44.