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TO: HOWARD K STERNFM: LA PRISON INMATESRoses are Red & Violets are Blue,We can't wait... to "do it" to you!

Posted 12 years 3 months ago by The Spirit of Anna

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Anna is going to haunt Howard until the day he dies!Howie is going down.If it were not for Larry Birkhead, Sterns plan would have worked.Check out the movie/biography of DORIS DUKE to see the role HKS played as "care taker".Stern did more harm than Doris Dukes Care Taker did.

Posted 12 years 3 months ago by The Spirit of Anna

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My heart goes out to Howard I know he loved Anna and the baby very much u could see that with your own 2 eyes he was a great guy and also loved her son very much I hate reading all the things people has said about Anna she was a graet mother who loved her children yes the whole world knew she had a drug problem but no-one knows what its like to have that problem if u have never had that lofe and lived it I just wish people would let her rest in peace and for Howard I hope Larry is letting u see the baby I know u have to miss her so very much your a great person Howard and again people need to let Anna rest in peace may God Bless U Anna and ur son and daughter and Howard if u read this May God give you that special someone you so deserve it

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by sweetmom6164

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It is to bad that there are greedy,selfish,money hungry people out there that wants a dead womans child for money.vergie is a puke,and a maggott for what she said about her own child. i hope she rots in hell.She is a piece of work. The word ( MOTHER) (MOM) SHE WILL NEVER BE! THIS WOMAN WHO KEEPS GOING ON THESE TALK SHOWS HOW MUCH DID VERGIE PAY YOU SWEETIE? Your a joke. Howard i know he did exactly what Anna wanted, so Howard hold your head up high and know you did it all for her. Her half sister wow is she wanting the spotlight, book and DR. Phil today if you only knew how stupid you looked, and your lies caught up to you,, you would crawl back in the hole you came out of. Glad you are not my sister! Larry please don't let any one run your babies momma down. Dannilynn will one day see all the things said about her mommy, and granny get your guns cause you and auntie have some splaining to do!!!!! dont give in to vergie Larry and her custody crap,its all for Annas money. You get her half the time and granny gets her the other half will only make her cry and holler louder she should get her share for help taking care of Dannilynn. Rest in peace Anna,and let all fakes friends who had to wait till you died to speak there crap. Howard THANK YOU, for all the care and love you gave Anna, Daniel,and baby Dannilynn, you have a good heart. GOD BLESS YOU, Linda

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by loveable8player

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It is a great shame that we lost Anna Nicole Smith,I just adored her. She was by far one of the prettiest women in the world and there was something about her that you just couldn't get enough of.I hpray that the baby belongs to Howard,he stood by her all these years.loving her and catering to her,it must have been so heart bgeaking for him to just sit there and watch her with other guys,but through it all he stood by her..My heart goes out to Howard,never in a million years do I think that he would do anything to harm her and I am sure that he tried to get Anna not to take so much medicine,but unless you have gone through someone that is hooked on drugs then I can tell you it doesn't matter what anyone says there is nothing you can do but keep pleading with them and most of the time that doesn't work...The mother is a joke to me after all these years she is now trying to get Annan's baby and Larry was just another guy off the block but the one who stood by her for years is the one that they want to throw the books at,well I sure hope that things change because he hasn't got a fair shake with the news media and the people that tells so many untruths about him and you can just watch to find out who they are, Anyway,Howard I sure hope things look better for you and I know that u love that baby and I sure pray that you get to keep her.

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by ANNA AND Howard

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Dear Anna Nicole Smith, I'm writing to let you know, How wonderful you really are and it upsets me people talk about you and your son, it's rediculous and Ya'll werent never what people make you out to be, I'm on your side 100% always and forever..I wish you could get this message somehow, Just know You are the greatest in the world, I would of like to known someone special like you..You are the next Marilyn Manroe. AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO QUIT TALKING ABOUT ANNA NICOLE SMITH, LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE.AND LEAVE HOWARD K STERN ALONE AND DANNIELYNN..I HOPE AND PRAY BABY DANNIELYNN IS NOT LARRY BIRKHEADS. SHE BELONGS TO HOWARD K STERN.

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by pmickle2006

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I think ANS was miserable from the Extra & ET interviews we all watched on tv. She was crying in almost every scene, plus she said on camera, she hated & despised that bulldog faced "Mommie Dearest" Virgie. She just lost her son, who she loved more than words can say. she was being sued and hounded by Birkhead, they even played some of the recorded phone calls that Birkhead made to ANS. It looks like her life was miserable, except for the 2 rays of happiness in her life which were Howard (she already set a wedding date for them), and her baby DanielLynn. I hope after the coroner announces the Lab results, that people will stopping harrassing Howard & allow him to raise his daughter DanielLynn in peace in the Bahamas, where ANS wanted to be there beside her son Daniel.

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by anna's friend

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I don't think it was suicide to be like Marilyn as they say that Marilyn was murdered with a combo of Alcohol, Barbituates inserted by suppository, and not a suicide at all. Also, she missed the age by three years, MM was 36 and ANS was 39, if she wanted to die the same time. Let's see what the toxicology report says.

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by stormy

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I think Anna Nicole committed suicide so she could die just like her idiol Marilyn Monroe.

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by kimmccalpin

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This is not a case of being malicious. If you look at her interviews with Larry King among others, this girl was on some serious medication PRIOR TO HER SON'S DEATH. All we are saying is that, whatever combination of drugs killed her son, including methadone which is given to addicts coming off heroin, appears to have been known to her as she was probably taking the same combination also. The fact that she may have approved the drugs given to her son, as they were by prescription, and she always appeared to be whacked out on her own prescription medication, probably caused a lot of the grief and guilt she may have been feeling. The fever and chills her body guard described prior to her death are symptomatic of someone coming off either heroin or methadone.

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by stormy

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Please allow Anna to rest in peace.She is gone now. No one will ever have another piece of her.Everyone should now be gathering together and decide whom is best suited to care for her child.Money is not all. As we can all see, it did not bring happiness to Anna.She had a difficult life that may have contributed to her early death.Please allow young women to view her life and to learn from it. No matter how beautiful you are it is important to life a good and prosperous life.To the parents out there, be supportive to your children, because once they are gone what is done can never be undone.You will have to live with the memories...

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by Shelliethunda

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Anna is a great mom, but she is dumb! Howard see her with a $$$$ sign. Do you think he will give her his free time, if she was just working @ "finger lickin chicken??He is a lawyer, so he knows what to do. It makes me sick seeing his sister and his mom getting involved with Daniellyn. Do you think they will care if Anna is just a plain jane working at Mcdo?Money is evil. I believe in KARMA. If Anna married the old guy just for the money, then this is what she got. Have you seen a hearse with a U haul behind it?That means to say, you can't bring your wealth with you.I'm also sick with anna's mom and sister trying to cash in on her fame. Where are they when she was poor and needed help?Shame on all of them. Shame on the Prince who was not really a prince. He was adopted by a princess, maybe picked up from an orphanage. He is also a crank case!

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by nel

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ANNA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER SON'S DEATH. Just wait and see. Why do you think she developed "amnesia" about everything that happened on that fateful morning? Do you really believe that her depression brought on the amnesia? Get real. She or Howard gave her son the methadone to help him relax, but it instead accidentally killed him. SHE AND HOWARD WILL BURN IN HELL FOR THIS MURDER! .

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by my two cents

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Anna has disowned her own family and talked poorly of them on TV. To hell with her then, her family has every right to say what they want about her in return! I believe Anna killed her son by giving him some of her methadone to help him relax but which instead accidentally killed him. Why else would Anna have suddenly developed amnesia about the entire morning he was with her at the hospital? And her lies about who the biological father of her baby is! She's living rent free in a house that isn't hers and is in the process of being evicted for nonpayment! She IS and ALWAYS WILL BE trailer park trash. Someday she'll need her family again, when she's old, fat and broke. I wonder if her family will take her back with open arms? You reap what you sow, Anna!

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by my two cents

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I have so much sympathy for Anna Nicole. I was shocked when I watched her mother, who hasn't seen Anna or her son, Daniel, in years, trash her. As a mother myself, I cannot comprehend doing that to one of my childen under any circumstances, and especially to strangers, on television, for Pete's sake. Anna's mother should be supportive, loving, understanding, and so much more. Instead, she goes on national television and basically accuses her daughter or Howard (who, in my opinion, is a very nice guy who obviously loves Anna Nicole very much and, as an attorney, I cannot believe he would kill Daniel) of murder. I think that Daniel, who was depressed because of a breakup, took pills to kill the pain. I don't know if he intentionally killed himself, but I will never believe that Anna or Howard had any part in his death. If you look at his eyes in the last pictures of him in the hospital room, his pupils are HUGE, indicating drugs. We all know how some young people just cannot deal with a bad breakup and immerse themselves in drugs to kill the pain or themselves, or both.I just wish that people would stop with all of the speculation and allow Anna to grieve, in her own way. I had no problem with the "commitment ceremony" that she and Howard had, and neither should anyone else. We're not put on this earth to judge the actions of others, only to deal with our own lives. I am so sick of the judgmental atmosphere that surrounds everyone, especially celebrities. They're people like everyone else. They just have to live their lives in public. I say leave them alone..all of them...and stop judging all of them. It's downright evil, ya know? It sure wasn't like this in the "golden era" of Hollywood. The stars were on a pedestal and the studios kept all (or most...Erroll Flynn comes to mind) of the bad acts of their stars out of the press. I think we need to go back to that era, where we value our stars, not slam them, and not hound them to death for pictures.Back to Anna: I feel so sorry for her I just cannot contain myself. I'm praying that she will move somewhere in the world where she can be left alone!! God bless her and shame on her mother. She should know better!! And shame on that Debra Oprey for what she's saying and doing. She disgusted me when the Michael Jackson trial was in session, but she has really topped herself with her attacks on Anna Nicole. Where do these people come from? I don't believe for one second that Larry whats-his-name is the father of Anna and Howard's baby girl. I even think that Dannielynn looks a bit like Howard. She sure is a beautiful baby and it is my hope that this new life will lift her mother and father's spirits as she grows.

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by grammy77744

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People grieve in different ways, and should be allowed to do so without being judged. Just because she got married does not mean she is happy or not grieving for her son, who she obviously loved.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by rally

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I really want know the result of the paternity test if there is gonna one who is the real father of Anna nicole smith's new baby. My feeling tells me that Larry Birkhead is the father but then again i could be wrong. I don't think Smith will go through the test cause she knows it Larry's baby.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by mightyjoe911

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My Gawd what else can happen to this special women? Could you even imagine functioning? My heart aches for Anna's horrific loss. My God give you some clarity and strength through all this, and let your daughter know what a wonderful brother she had. God Bless You Anna*Dandi*

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by Dandi

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I was extremely saddened to hear of your son's death. May God's grace look after you and your new daughter through this terrible time. You're both in my thoughts and prayers, Anna.God Bless you both.

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by joanw_123

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My heart aches for Anna Nicole. I wish I could apologize to her for all the nasty, insensitive, and heartless comments that I have read regarding her and her son's death. I pray that she will find peace through this horrible experience. My heart goes out to her. Carlene

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by Carlene

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