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13th March 2014

Quote: "I'm not against marriage, not at all... But when you've been with someone for such a long time, I don't think it's going to bring us closer together. I don't think it's going to... make us any happier." Pop star Enrique Iglesias is adamant he will never wed his longterm partner, former tennis champ Anna Kournikova.

11th November 2010

Quote: "I've played her but never again. I didn't even get close. My brother is a good tennis player and he was like, 'I can do it, I can do it!' But he never got close either." Enrique Iglesias refuses to challenge his tennis player girlfriend Anna Kournikova to a match.

1st July 2010

Quote: "Eight years, six months, three days... 18 hours." Enrique Iglesias knows exactly how long he's been dating tennis ace Anna Kournikova.

10th December 2009

Fact: SIR Elton John hit the courts to square off against sports star Anna Kournikova in his annual charity tennis match at the Advanta World Team Tennis event on Wednesday (09Dec09) at Louisiana State University. The duo later teamed up for a doubles game.

18th May 2009

Quote: "Every night he goes out into the audience and just snogs any girl he can. That's a bit germy, isn't it? How does Anna kiss him with all those germs? It's pretty foul! Gabriella Cilmi warns Enrique Iglesias' girlfriend Anna Kournikova about the singer's stage antics.

14th April 2009

Quote: "Girls look at him. Guys look at me. It goes with the job, but it gets annoying when you feel violated." Tennis star Anna Kournikova and her pop star beau Enrique Iglesias are used to fans following them.

11th July 2008

Quote: "I'm not married, not pregnant, I didn't have a boob job, no Botox. What else?" Former tennis ace and model Anna Kournikova, 27, insists all the most recent rumours about her are untrue.

11th July 2008

Quote: "Girls look at him, guys look at me. It goes with the job, but it gets annoying when you feel violated. Just take the picture and be done." Retired tennis ace and model Anna Kournikova on the paparazzi who follow her and boyfriend Enrique Iglesias everywhere.

12th February 2008

Quote: "I'm pressuring her but she doesn't give me the time of day." Enrique Iglesias insists girlfriend Anna Kournikova isn't giving him a hard time about settling down.

21st April 2007

Quote: "In my opinion, Anna, whether we are together or not, would be an ideal mother. I think she'd be the perfect mother." Enrique Iglesias muses over girlfriend Anna Kournikova's maternal skills.

10th August 2006

Fact: US band BINGE have released a song dedicated to Russian tennis beauty Maria Sharapova. The track is an exact replica of a previous Binge song hailing Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova, with Sharapova's name replacing Kournikova's.

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