Anna Kendrick's Christmas present could be rather surprising! When the 29-year-old actress discussed what she was hoping for this upcoming holiday season on the 'Late Show With David Letterman' on Tuesday (Dec 16th), things quickly took an unexpected turn.

Anna Kendrick
Kendrick's attention was quickly drawn to a toy cat while appearing on the talk show

Kendrick didn't seem sure on what Santa would be bringing her this Christmas, but that may be because her attention was directly focused on an item shown earlier in the episode that was supposed to be a toy cat for children.

"Can I say, though, that cat toy...that is a fur-covered dildo, no?" she asked Letterman moments after taking a seat. "There was a factory. They were putting those out. They said, 'Put a mitten on it and sell it to children.' It's for kids now!"

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The longtime talk show host was clearly starlet by Kendrick's observation, and he could only awkwardly respond by saying, "Whatever you want it to be, Anna."

The toy cat was quickly brought back on set, and after reviewing the trigger that makes it meow, as well as its long frame, which covered by a furry cat leg, Letterman seemed to have a change of mind and agree with Kendrick.

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"Wow! I don't know what's the matter with me, but that never came to mind," he said when handed the item, and then added, "I'm trying desperately to think of other things it might be, when in fact that's all it actually is."

The 'Into The Woods' actress wasn't holding back during this interview, later on she even revealed how she copes on long, international flight. "I've got that London flight down to a science because of Ambien," she told Letterman. "It's a hell of a drug. I just sort of just blackout when I take it and I wake up to a surprise every time. Like all my DVDs are in my fridge or something."