Billed as the farewell tour, Pitch Perfect 3 adds action to the mix as the Bellas heads to Europe get entangled with both DJ Khaled and a criminal mastermind played by John Lithgow. The trilogy's stars are still surprised by the films' success.

Pitch Perfect 3 castPitch Perfect 3 cast

"We did this movie thinking it was an intelligent, witty little comedy," says Brittany Snow, who plays Chloe. "We had no idea of the attention it would grab. We knew there was a special connection we all shared. But the lightning in a bottle, I don't think that's something you can predict."

Anna Kendrick, who plays Beca, says she's still amused by the idea. "Obviously, it's a little crazy to me," she laughs, "because I've been doing interviews where it's like 'You guys aren't the typical Hollywood types' and I'm like 'What are you talking about, we're f***ing gorgeous!' I think it's interesting because Hollywood standards make it seem different, because honestly everyone is such a mega-babe. But I do think it's nice that we're playing a bunch of misfits."

And Hailee Steinfeld, who joined the gang in the second movie as Emily, says the films have echoed the actresses' friendship off-screen. "A couple of years had gone by between the second movie and this one," she says. "And the whole time it felt like we were living the storyline! Here we are, a bunch of actors that love what we get to do together. It never gets old."

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For Steinfeld, the franchise has been life-changing. "I started making music around the same time I got into acting,, but the acting just happened first and a lot faster," says the 21-year-old who was nominated for an Oscar at 13 for True Grit. "With Pitch Perfect 2, I was given the opportunity to sing and show people that it was something that I loved. Then after that, I signed a record deal and I'm making music now!"

And she loves playing with her image in these films. "It's fun because you get to be the weirdest version of yourself possible," Steinfeld says. "For this one, it was fun to go to set every day and just live and be me and do my thing. I like to think that I'm a little cooler than this character though!"

So is she ready to say goodbye to the Bellas? Steinfeld isn't so sure. "The tears you see at the end of the movie are genuine tears," she says. "But I don't know anything for sure. I don't know it's entirely over for the Bellas."