Anna Kendrick lit up the internet on Monday (January 12, 2013), tweeting a deadpan and frankly hilarious message about her love for Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling. The 27-year-old has starred alongside the likes of George Clooney, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Robert Pattinson, though it appears Kendrick is longing for a starring role alongside everyone's favourite leading man, Gosling.

Kendrick tweeted, "Ugh-NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in the theatre again. Apparently sitting in the back row and masturbating is still considered 'inappropriate'". Posted at 10.45am on Monday, the message has been re-tweeted 20,713 times and favourited over 17,000 times. Replies to the surprising tweet began flooding in almost immediately, with one user saying, "HAHAHAHA you're actually amazing omg. I wish you followed your fans cause I would DIE to be followed by you!" Another user - Emily Higgins - had an ingenious idea, saying, "They should put this in the trailers for Gangster Squad to get people to watch. Best testimonial yet." Not a bad idea, considering Gosling's new movie is garnering less than impressive reviews. Finally, Scuba Cat offered the less helpful, "Wow I love you."

Despite the tweeting, a date probably isn't on the cards, given Kendrick has been linked to the Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright since 2009. Gosling also seems pretty infatuated with actress Eva Mendes too. Oh well.

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