Anna Kendrick's parents think she is ''pretentious''.

'The Pitch Perfect 2' star revealed her mother can't stand when her daughter is ostentatious in her interviews, and talks in an inflated way about her profession.

She said: ''I think my family would only roll their eyes at an interview I said something pretentious. If I said something about 'the craft' my mum would be like, 'Oh for f**k's sake!'''

The 29-year-old actress is well-known for her cursing and revealed it's something that can be traced to her childhood.

She told Stylist magazine: ''When I was very young I got into trouble but then I think my parents were so tired of having to hold it in themselves that we just became one of those families that cursed all the time.''

Anna also revealed how her character has changed since she was a little girl.

The actress reflected: ''I think a more extreme version of what I am, so there were even greater swings from being crippled with shyness and then such confidence. I went from thinking I didn't know what to say to anybody then feeling I was completely invincible.''