Anna Kendrick no longer follows a vegan diet.

The 'Pitch Perfect' star enjoyed a plant-based diet for almost two years, but has said she ''fell off the wagon super hard'' and slipped back into old habits, especially when it came to dairy products.

She said: ''I've tried a couple of meditation classes, and so far I feel like I'm doing it wrong. My mind races more when I meditate. And I was vegan for a year, or maybe even two, and it was the best I've ever felt. Then I just fell off the wagon super hard. I was like, 'Well, maybe I can just do vegan most days'. But no. It was the classic slippery-slope situation for Anna.''

Anna's biggest vice is ''carbs and dairy'', and says macaroni and cheese is the one food that put an end to her vegan diet.

She added: '''Everything in moderation' is such a cliché, I know, but it's true. The times in my life when I tried to restrict the foods I love always backfired, and I ended up feeling miserable. For me, it's all about really being present in my body, not depriving it.

''My favourite food is macaroni and cheese. Carbs and dairy - that's the kind of life I'm all about. And I definitely do like sweets.

''There was a period when I baked a lot. I would find the trickiest recipe I could because I've got this complex: Whenever there's a challenge and the suggestion that maybe I can't do it, I'm like, 'Oh, yeah? Watch this'. Any recipe that was advanced, I would spend days working on it, trying to get it right.

''Ironically, the only time I was put off by sweets was during the phase when I was baking, because I always felt like I'd eaten three pounds of brownies by the time I was done. So then I'd give the rest away.''

The 34-year-old actress still follows a healthy diet despite no longer being vegan, and is ''powered by ginger''.

Speaking to Shape magazine, she said: ''I am powered by ginger. I keep wellness shots of ginger, lemon, and cayenne from Pressed Juicery in my fridge. If I'm traveling and I can't have ginger, I'll feel sick. There was a time when I was in Germany for three months and I couldn't find a crushed-juice place. So I bought a juicer and a bunch of ginger to make it myself because I was positive it was the only thing keeping me alive.''