Anna Kendrick ''doesn't believe in soulmates''.

The 'Pitch Perfect' star - who previously dated Edgar Wright between 2009 and 2013 - has admitted that she doesn't think it's true that there is just ''one'' person who you are destined to be with in the world.

However, she insisted the same doesn't apply for ''non-romantic'' relationships, as Anna admitted her ''best and longest' relationships have been with her friends.

Speaking in a behind the scenes video for her interview for the June issue of emmy magazine - of which she is the cover star - she said: ''I don't believe in soulmates in any traditional sense for sure.

''Like, that word is kind of synonymous with 'the one.'

''There's many 'the ones' and if we're lucky we spend a long time with someone.

''I wonder if there are non-romantic soulmates.

''I mean, I would say that there's evidence that it's more likely that a soulmate is non-romantic.

''The best and longest relationships in my life are certainly friendships.''

Anna plays the role of Darby Carter in the new HBO Max anthology series 'Love Life', which explores the idea of having a small number of ''significant relationships'' that truly change or ''impact'' your life.

She explained: '''Love Life' is about one woman, my character, Darby Carter, who we follow for maybe 10 years.

''There's this idea that in our lives we have a certain number of significant relationships that have an impact on us, and it's really about exploring how we change.''

Meanwhile, Anna previously admitted she thinks modern dating is ''terrifying''.

The 34-year-old actress - who is in a relationship cinematographer Ben Richardson - is relieved not to be single as she'd hate to have to rely on apps like Tinder to find love.

She said in 2017: ''It seems completely terrifying. I think Tinder is an app designed by Satan to destroy us all, I don't think I'd be able to do it.''

But if she did have to resort to the app, the 'Trolls' star would rather someone ''ghosted'' her - simply stopped contact - than tell her face-to-face that they weren't interested.

She said: ''I'm totally pro-ghosting. I know that people say, 'Well I'd rather someone just tell me they didn't like me rather than completely disappear and never contact me again' but I'm actually not adult enough to deal with that - I'd rather figure it out and save a little face, actually.''

The 'A Simple Favor' star is aware that her career has caused some of her relationships to ''wilt'' because she is simply too busy to give people her full attention.

She added: ''When you get this busy, you end up with the people in your life who are willing to put up with it. Anybody else ends up falling away.

''I do feel guilty for basically letting all my relationships wilt - but luckily everybody who matters is understanding.''