Anna Kendrick wants young girls to know they are ''awesome''.

The 34-year-old actress has issued some words of advice to young girls around the world, insisting they should stop listening to ''idiots'' who tell them they're anything but ''awesome''.

When asked by a young girl what advice she'd give to girls who want to be ''just like'' her 'Trolls World Tour' character Poppy - whom she praised for standing up for what she believes in - Anna said: ''What advice would I have ... I guess just, you know, you're awesome. And anybody who makes you feel like you're not awesome is an idiot. But don't use the word idiot, that's mean. But I'm allowed to use the word idiot. Those people are idiots.''

Anna also answered several other questions from kids who are loving the new animated movie - which also stars Justin Timberlake - including one from a fan who wanted to know which superpower she'd most like to have.

She responded: ''When people ask would you rather fly or be invisible, I think I would rather be invisible because I could be really sneaky.''

And the actress agreed with a seven-year-old fan who said they love Poppy's bright pink hair.

She told the fan: ''I'm really jealous of Poppy's pink hair. I have to be boring and have brown hair. But I would love to have pink hair or blue hair or green hair but top of the list is probably pink hair.''

The 'Pitch Perfect' star then confessed to wanting to adopt all of the children who sent in their questions, but admitted they'd ''want to go home'' as soon as they discovered she's not cut out for parenting.

Speaking to People magazine - who organised the young fans' interview - she joked: ''These children are so cute. I want to adopt all of them. But then they'll find out that I don't know how to take care of children and want to go home.''