Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will return for the third installment in the 'Pitch Perfect' franchise.

The duo have both agreed to star in the eagerly-awaited movie, which has been spurred on by the impressive box office performance of the recently-released first sequel, which has already surpassed $259.7 million globally.

Anna, 29, will reprise the role of Beca in the new movie, while Australian stand-up comedian Rebel, 35, will return to the part of Fat Amy, Variety reports.

Despite reportedly agreeing to star in another 'Pitch Perfect' movie, Rebel revealed recently that she won't do karaoke unless she is being paid to sing in a film.

Rebel - who also starred alongside 'Prom Night' actress Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks in 'Pitch Perfect 2' - explained: ''A lot of people think - because we sing in the movie and whatever - that we would do karaoke, but I have a thing against karaoke.

''The microphones are never good quality, they have always been dropped, and a lot or people are screaming into them and the vocal sound quality is never the right mix and I'm like, 'No!' I'll sing in a movie - when I'm getting paid.''