Anna Friel thinks her legs are sexy.

The 'Land of the Lost' actress struggled to decide what her best physical assets were while preparing for her role as an attractive research assistant alongside funnyman Will Ferrell in the new movie, but eventually settled on her pins.

She said: "I personally think my legs are better than my boobs. I was a little worried at first, but in the end, the general consensus was to go with the legs. I was relieved because all the original sketches showed my character with a little shirt tied barely an inch above my midriff. All in all, I'd rather show my legs than my tummy. I find that sexier, and fortunately the director agreed."

However, the 33-year-old actress hasn't always considered herself attractive and admits she constantly feels under pressure to fit in with Hollywood's idea of beauty.

She said: "You do have to stay slim, and you can't make excuses. Looking good is a serious business and you have to make a decision to go along with it or else you're just not going to get the work. In the beginning, I had such an awful time that I just wanted to run back home. But, looking back today, I'm glad I stuck it out. I never aspired to be the pretty girl because, if that's all you're known for, then you're going to have a pretty short career."