Anna Friel has been reflecting on the break up of her long term relationship with David Thewliss and the subsequent impact it had on her daughter Gracie; the pair were together for some 10 years and had their child in 2005 before going their separate ways and. Talking to the UK's Daily Telegraph, Friel was level-headed when discussing the causes that eventually meant they had to part.
"We both sat down and said, 'this isn't working any more'. Maybe we just grew apart, and I certainly suspect if we had stayed together any longer we might not be friends," said Friel of the split 16 months ago, going on to say that it hadn't changed how they handled their responsibilities as parents. "David and I promised each other we would stay friends and we have; he has a house opposite us in Windsor and when we can, we do the school run together or if Gracie needs new shoes, the three of us go off shoe-shopping together."
Friel also has a new man in tow, 44 year-old actor Rhys Ifans who stormed to success back in 1998 with his role in 'Notting Hill' - she was quick to praise his skills with children too, offering "he's not her dad and he'd never try to be. He's more of a mate, a companion in crime, to her; they're always playing silly tricks on me and we generally end up in a heap tickling each other. There's a lot to be said for taking time out for a tickle." The actress will be appearing on TV screens again starting tonight (December 8, 2011) in the UK drama 'Without You Me'.